Monday, July 11, 2016

No Cost Decorating~ a Summer Vignette~5 practical tips

I did unearth some treasures when I cleaned the closet.  What fun it is to create a new vignette for no cost.  
An old galvanized wash tub sits in front of the window overlooking the garden porch.  

A quick look through the linen closet garnered the red-checked cloth.  The painted hydrangea hurricane globe fit nicely in the barn wood treasure.  I had not seen the hurricane globe or the red daisy pitcher for a long time.  
Both had been buried in the closet.  It definitely gives the room a new bright look and the best part it did not cost me a dime!
Happy days in this hot July!
What new decorating have you done that did not cost a dime?

You can see the cute little play barn peeking through the window.  This little treasure holds many hours of playing enjoyment for grandkidos.  
Some practical tips for vignettes:
1.  For a grouping use an uneven number of items (3,5,7.)
2.  Vary the heights of the objects in the grouping.  See if it pleases your eye.  Does your eye flow from one object down or up to another?  If need be, raise and object on a cake plate, cup, cardboard box covered with fabric, etc to raise your object to a height that pleases the eye.
3.  Try to stick to three colors.  One primary and two secondary colors.   
4.  Monochromatic colors can also make a big impact. 
5.  Pick out one object that really makes a big impact, such as the red daisy pitcher.  Shop your home for items which may be, like mine, hiding in a closet.  Just moving items from one area to another often is all that is needed.
These tips are just a few that I like to use when making a vignette.

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