Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Resident Artist of Our Home

Have I said this before?  I love being home.  Just the sound of the word home is music to my ears!  Even washing windows can be a thing of beauty.  Just for fun, I decided to decorate the plain ole plastic bottle, which now holds the great homemade window cleaner recipe I found on Pinterest.  I have been using it for a week and the only negative is that it takes just a little elbow grease to  make the window shine, but that is not a bad thing. I am still loving it.
I also love being the resident artist of our home.  There is no one to tell me I can't do this or paint that.  What freedom there is in nesting your home.  Even the simple things can bring pleasure and make the act of window cleaning beautiful.  
I wanted the bottle to look pretty and feminine.  In looking through my scraps of paper I found this pretty pink gingham.

I cut a strip about 3 and 1/2 inches wide and then decoupaged it onto the bottle.

The supplies were gathered and simple random size lines were painted onto the lower edge of the paper gingham.

Simple dots were also made using the point of the paint brush.  These were placed in a random fashion above and around the green lines.

Just for fun, some simple butterflies were added.

Nothing fancy for sure.  A second coat of decoupage was placed over the paper and painting.  I found a robin's egg blue gingham fabric and cut a strip 2 inches wide.  I did not hem the edges but for a more finished look one certainly could do so.  A sprig of silky roses was tied around the bottle with the gingham fabric.   Voila, it was done!  

What kind of unusual things have you decorated as resident artist of your own home?

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