Monday, March 27, 2017

A Fiesta Tea Party Ole`

It was a wonderful night for a tea party.  Recently our church in Florida had an international night tea party.  Each table presented a representation of a tea party from a different country.  It was quite a unique array of tea tables.  A good friend and I planned a tea table from Mexico.  Of course, my love for bright colors fit right in with the theme. 

My friend had enough individual teapots to set at each place setting.  It was so cute.

We did not have a large budget at all for the tea party but still wanted it to be unique.  A chili pepper theme was chosen.  Plain white paper plates were used as a charger. I painted chili peppers onto the plate and then black and white checks were added around the rim.  "Free" pieces of wood were painted to match the chargers and varnished as coasters.  These were given as favors.  The bubble glasses were found at Home Goods.  

The thrift shop is a great place to find vintage dishes.  Clear glass dishes with a ridge design were found for $1.00 per plate as well as the cups.  The orange tea towels were found at the local Wal-Mart.  Napkins with many of the primary colors were placed one atop the other and then twisted and placed into the drinking glass.  A cute little pen, with the word "Fiesta" which looked like a little maraca, was also given as a favor and was placed inside the glass. 

The cutest red dot paper baking flan pans with a rigid bottom were found to use to hold the tea cups.  The used tea bags fit very nicely inside the little pans.  

Bright colored tissue paper flowers were made to attach to the tops of the chairs.  My friend had the little ukulele, the guitar player, and the maracas.  It truly was a lot of fun.  We also tried to dress the part.  
I don't do selfies well (Ha)

This hat was revamped with brightly painted flowers as well as the blouse.  I don't look happy here, but I really was!  Ole`

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