Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Front Porch reflections

The Cone flowers have been beautiful but are starting to fade.  Soon it will be time to gather seeds to start all over again for the springtime.  How I have enjoyed our porch this summer.  

I am enjoying every last minute that I can of this beautiful summer!  You can tell though the season is changing.  Things look drier and the flowers are not as vibrant as they were.  New curtains were made and things tweaked a bit.

I have loved the Pioneer Woman dishes for awhile but had not added them to any porch decor.  This dish and mug blend in very nicely with the colors on the porch.  

I have had the same red buckets now for several years.  They are just refilled every spring.  They were purchased at Rural King.  A wire was attached to suspend them from the handle and then holes drilled in the bottom for the water to escape.  They are a pretty frugal way to have a hanging basket.  Most of the flowers you see were 50% off at Lowes.  They thrive well with the sunlight and fertilizer.

The desert rose and the aloe vera came home with me from Florida in the spring and will return later this fall.  They have thrived in the warmth here in Indiana.  I am enjoying my time here this evening reflecting the beauty of the day!

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