Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Nostalgic Rustic Tea with a touch of elegance!

Quaker Hill Farm does not lack for OLD STUFF!   This post is certainly no exception.   I also have a certain love for tea and anything related!  I was contemplating what post I wanted to do next and I happened to be walking out to the mailbox.  On that route I spied my old broken down wagon next to the just turning Sedum flowers.  Hmmm (I thought) looks like that would be a good location to show the Bavarian teapot and dishes in a rustic way.  I went about gathering some things and this is what I came up with!  

I love the fall of the year!  It really is my favorite.  The Sedum flowers really do not last very long.  They start turning and then seems as if they are gone in a few days.  They are very pretty though even for the short period of time.  

This was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and cooler temperatures.  

As with most of the posts that I do, this one is no exception.  Most everything I have has a deep meaning to me.  This china set was one I collected as an engaged young person for my "hope chest."  My dear mother helped me obtain several of the pieces.  I got most of the pieces from shopping in  a couple of our local grocery stores.  As I recall the IGA and Kroger stores had the china.  I believe you had to buy so many groceries and then you were able to purchase the China.  It is Haviland Bavarian china.  I think I still have almost the whole set.  It is so dainty with sweet little blue flowers and silver around the edges of the lids and handles.  

I had quite a few blueberries which needed to be used.  One of my favorite coffee cake recipes comes from a favorite Christmas book.  I will post the recipe in another post.  It has a glaze with walnuts, cinnamon, powdered sugar, and butter!  It is rich to say the least but tastes so good with a good cup of tea!  

The little Teacup is just waiting for its turn to be used!

The large rock came from our farm.  We had some land cleared and the farmer thought I would want the rock for landscaping!  He was right!  The wood fence also holds a meaning.  Many years ago my Uncle George helped me to set the posts.  It has been a landmark in front of our home for many years.  

I have had the old box for quite a long time.  Makes a pretty good table for the tea set.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I am sure my neighbors might have been staring as they drove by wondering what this lady was doing in the yard with her tea set!  Oh well they should know me by now!  Blessings and hope you can relax and have a cup of tea!  

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