Monday, August 24, 2015

Small Changes!

Small changes really do make me happy!  I have an old antique grocery store cabinet which houses a lot of the hand thrown pottery my son has made plus what I have collected.  A change to the shelf edges, a change of table cloth, and finding an old scoop in our barn adds a subtle difference to the dining room.  I chose a chunky evening mocha candle and it smells sooo good!  The table cloth is NOT new, but still blends well with what I love!  The edges of the cabinet needed a little something so I made my own edging.  My garden is in full bloom with some lovely colors.  So I picked a fresh bouquet for the table which also makes me happy!

I found the old scoop lying in the stable of the old barn.  It has scooped a lot of feed in its day!

This next picture shows one of the antique scales that I collect.

The cabinet houses mostly blue.  I have many pitchers and teapots which my son made, but also a few that I have collected.  I have an old ladder next to the cabinet which I hang many old quilts.  I can imagine the old grocery store cabinet keeping fabrics on its shelves in its day.  

One of the changes is the addition of an edging to the shelves.  I had found an adhering lace and attached it to the shelf edges.  I also had leftover wallpaper from another project.  Using my scissors which makes a scalloped edge, I cut wallpaper to fit just above the edge of the lace and also extended it back towards the back of the cabinet .  

I like the little geranium flowers and cream color background.  Gives a sweet finish to the edge.  The cute little mugs are Ma Hadley pottery.  My son made the pitcher.  

One of my very favorite teapots is the toile pattern in red.  The teapot sitting next to it in the cobalt, is one that my son made.  I love its stubby little pouring spout.

My dear mother had made the strawberry cake stand as a gift for me many years ago.  

As I was selecting the pictures for this post, it looks like the rose has the same little scalloped edges as the new edging of the cabinet!  Is it a coincidence I think NOT, nothing ever happens by accident!  Have a blessed eve and make some small changes which make you happy!  

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