Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Something for the home~Making a Curtain tieback

Another one of my goals for 2016 is to maintain our home and add unique little touches with what I have on hands.  The curtain used to be a table cloth.  I had found the fabric last year and made the curtain.  I had never really liked the tieback the best and decided to use some of the extra fabric left over from the lining to fashion it.  A fabric flower and leaves were also fashioned from leftover fabric projects and then added to the tieback.

Below is a before picture of the curtain and the tieback.  

And here are some after pictures with the added tieback.  

It definitely brightens the space. 

It is a simple straight line at the top with a curve around.  Strips of fabric bias were cut and then sewn together..  The fabric was folded over and then sewn around the inside edge of the tieback.  The right sides of the fabric were placed together and then the entire tieback was sewn around the outside edge.  Leave a space to turn the fabric.

The short side straight edge of the pattern should be placed on the fold.  Two pieces should be cut out.  The fabric flower is made by twisting and turning the fabric upon itself.  It is stitched at the back.  Three leaves were cut out and then stitched together.  The leaf is simply a triangle.  

Thanks for looking and trust you will have a wonderful New Year! 

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