Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Reflections of the Dinner Bell

Dinner is ready!  Clang Clang Clang would ring the old dinner bell.  As I look through the dining room window I see the old bell staring back at me.  

It now holds a place of honor in the front flower garden.  It no longer calls a hungry family to dinner, but I still love to look at it.  Sometimes I think I can still hear that old sound and mother calling.
Yesterday I added a hummingbird feeder to the post.  The little ones have already found the feeder.  So in a sense, the old dinner bell is still calling out to come and dine on the sweet nectar!

We have had lots of heat this summer here in Indiana.  The flowers have grown rapidly but it has taken extra water and care.  It is worth it though for the beauty.  

 Our garden porch brings much peace and stillness.  I often sit out here just enjoying the beauty of the day.

I would love to hear if a dinner bell was part of your life, or maybe still is!  Have a wonderful day!

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