Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Tissue Paper~Aloha!

One of my best friends is retiring.  She loves the ocean and the islands.  It was a pretty easy choice to use tropical colors and beach theme accessories to give her a send-off!  This was a fun party to help put together.  

Even though I have been retired now for almost two years, I still have maintained my friendship with these lovely people.  I was very blessed to have such a great work group!   

With the help of the Dollar General, these tissue paper flowers were fun to make and pretty inexpensive too.  To create a big impact it really does not cost a lot of money.  
The cake was really the hit of the party,though!  Another friend made it with all kinds of beachy looking goodies.  Shells, beach balls, fish, sunglasses, flip flops, and a sun all graced the cake.

The tropical flower backdrop for the cake table set the stage.  The large tissue paper flowers were hot glued on a foam board.  The board was cut out in an arch shape.  Both ends had large leaf shapes.  The board was 30 inches long and about 18 inches wide.  

 The leaves were painted directly onto the board and then the flowers were added.  

Since bright colors were the order of the day, yellows, reds, purples, oranges and blues became flowers.  The tissue paper is $1.00 a package at Dollar General.  One large flower takes one package.  
I made three different sizes of flowers to give dimension.  The medium size flowers will make three from one package, and the small size I was able to make 5 from one package.
Leaves were fashioned from wrapping paper and then gently stuffed between flower petals for more added dimension.  This piece was suspended from a standing adjustable wreath hanger, which I purchased at a local gift shop.

 There was certainly quite an array of beautiful tropical colors to grace each table.
They almost look like a painting.
Glass jars with sand and sea shells also accented the tables.  The round tables were covered with various tropical colors.  My friends had purchased the table coverings, napkins, grass skirts, and beach balls and accessories.  We just had communicated by phone and it was just amazing how everything coordinated so well for this event!  

Best wishes my friend and ALOHA!  (Good bye for now until we meet again.) A deeper meaning for aloha is affection, peace, compassion, and mercy.  May all of these follow you into your retirement years!  By the way, you will really love it!

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