Friday, September 2, 2016

Four Reasons My Heart and its Art are at Home

Simply put, I love to be the resident artist in our home.  If I make mistakes no one really cares.  I can experiment with colors, with textures, and with things that truly speak to my heart.  I am certainly not the most famous artist in the world, but in my home, I can create to my heart's desire.

It isn't necessarily with a paint brush.  Sometimes it is almost intangible.  It may be the wonderful scent of fresh wild flowers on the table or the aroma of baking bread in the oven that is my art.


I love to do acrostics.  Several things come to mind with the word HOME.  In each one of these areas I certainly have options to be an artist.

M-Make from scratch

It is wonderful to have friends and even strangers into our home, but truly my heart's desire is to provide simple hospitality to my husband and family. It is amazing what a breakfast in bed for those you love does for a relationship.


Served with a beautiful tray and favorite beverage it is a true delight!

Do I look for opportunities to serve my family?  It may be by cleaning that closet which is so dreaded or even cleaning the bathtub or toilet. Even in that, there can be art.  Making my own cleaning supplies and beautifying the bottles or boxes I use can be a form of art.
Home made laundry soap in a beautiful sack and box.

I can use my artistic skills in creating (making) good wholesome foods for my husband and family.

There are so many recipes which can be made with home made spaghetti sauce, but even if it isn't home made spaghetti sauce, using nutritious foods will provide so many health benefits. 

Menu planning for the week affords many opportunities to be artistic. The actual piece of paper itself can be artwork.  There are wonderful free printable to use for that purpose, or one could keep a journal and "doodle" as you plan your menus.  Fix yourself a warm cup of tea and some goodies and plan those menus!

Last but certainly not least is the chance to provide art in your home by being a home economist.  Saving money you say, that certainly does not sound like art!  It can be, though!  Never paying full price for anything, but still finding quality.  That is certainly a form of art.  Haunting thrift stores for that quality item which may even still have the tags on it to create beauty in the home.  There are many ways of saving and providing beauty!  Even shopping our home to find that piece that may have been buried in the closet can bring a change of scenery and beauty.

As I end this post today, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my very favorite people who has inspired me and countless others over the years.  She passed away this week but her legacy will live on in the many books she has written about the beauty and the art of the home.  Rest in peace sweet Emilie Barnes, you truly were the Spirit of Loveliness.  


Blessings my friends as we create our own art and Loveliness!

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