Wednesday, October 19, 2016

7 Frugal Ways to Re-purpose glass Jars & Cans

Creating a designer jar for a gift is a fun project.  I suppose there have been hundreds of ideas over the last few years in how to re-purpose a jar.  Here is my take on what one can do with a bit of time and creativity.
1.  Save those jelly jars.  The above little designer jar started out as a Smucker's Jelly jar.  I had made some Autumn Potpourri from Jes's E-book, 100+ DIY Projects to make with Fruit Scraps.  contains Affiliate link)
After I finished the project, I wanted a designer gift jar.  I removed all of the labels and glue from the jar and painted the lid a pretty deep purple with enamel paint. After the paint was dry I glued a sunflower to the lid and a couple of silk fall leaves.

A 3-inch piece of dark Navy ribbon was glued onto the jar and then a strip of burlap fabric was tied over the top and the ends left in pieces 5 inches each.  The pretty graphic that came with the recipe was decoupaged over the burlap.
3 leaves were glued to one side of the jar in a cascading fashion.  A smaller 1/2 inch Navy ribbon was tied around the neck of the jar.  The jar was filled with the potpourri and there you have it!  A quick gift which smells wonderful and is without 
any harsh chemicals in a designer jar.  In the background is a vintage canning jar with a glass lid.  The same concept was used for the burlap. No ribbon was used, however. 

2. A Spaghetti jar is not only for spaghetti sauce. Use it as a unique vase for garden flowers or grocery store flowers.

This pretty bouquet vase started its life as spaghetti sauce.  A blessing basket was gifted to a friend and I wanted a throwaway vase that she would not have to return.  This Spaghetti jar was perfect for that purpose!
For this project, all I did was cut a strip of fabric and tied it around the neck of the jar, cut the flowers from the garden and that was it!

3.  On the same note, if you would like to set a unique table, use a tomato can as a vase for the table flowers.  It is a great theme for a spaghetti dinner.

While you are at it, cut both ends out of a tomato paste can and use those for the napkin rings.

4.  Take a partially used glass jar candle and decoupage it with a pretty napkin as a theme for the season.  The ring is from a canning jar which was painted to match the napkin decoupage.  You can see the post here.
5.  Create a unique light from a mason jar.

6.  Re-purpose little glass jelly canning jars for individual bouquets at a table setting.  These were used for Grand kiddos tea party.


6.  Dollar store glass tumblers can be used to create one-of-a-kind favors for a bridal shower.  In this instance, I painted the tumbler to match the flower on the lace balloon.  

7.  Use a pretty sherbet pedestal dish in the bathroom for a unique salt scrub container.

These ideas are a look back at seven different frugal ways to add beauty to your life for not much money.  There are tons more ways to be creative with glass jars but I trust you might have found a bit of inspiration in re-purposing what you have available.  
I would love to hear what you have done with your glass jars.

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