Sunday, October 9, 2016

Instilling the Love of Gardening~The Next Generation of Gardeners

"You have the chance to plant a seed of something very special in the hearts, minds, and spirits of your children (and may I say, grandchildren) as you garden together."  Cathy James.

What is the best way to instill a passion for gardening? Just as the quote above says-"garden together!"  I had just that opportunity with three of our nine grand kiddos very recently.
What joy it was to see the smiles on their faces when something beautiful came together.   (This post contains affiliate links)

The project was really very simple.  A basket was taken from my stash.  Plastic from a package was placed in the bottom so that not as much dirt was needed to fill it.  These gals had a great time in placing everything just right.  

Next landscape burlap was placed over the plastic and draped over the sides.  

Organic potting soil was added to the basket and the plants were chosen.

Hardy garden mums, kale, and pansies were the plants of choice.  These plants tolerate the chiller weather, which we are most likely to start experiencing very soon.  These gals decided the arrangement of how they wanted the basket to be planted.

Even this cutie got in on the action.  

The kiddos did a great job placing the flowers and then planting them in the soil.  With dirty hands and lots of smiles the basket was completed!  (we ended up not using the yellow mums)

We chose to keep the basket on the garden porch.  The basket fits very nicely on the old blue wooden church chair.  The children were taught that just enough water needed to be placed on the soil so that it was damp, but not soaked.  

It will be fun to see how this planter develops.  We built a few memories today and maybe planted a seed for the love of gardening!

They also were taught just a bit about the placement of the plant in the indirect sunlight. We may have to adjust this as the days go by.

Miss Ella Bella had to check out the work to make sure they did it correctly!
Building memories one flower at a time!
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