Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Old Tree lives On~DIY Fountain

This has been a beautiful early October day.  As I was sitting on the swing this afternoon, looking at the old tree stump, it certainly brought back lots of memories.  This was once a beautiful majestic sugar maple tree.  It would be hard to say how old it was.  It was very close to the back of our house and had started to lose leaves and could tell it was hollow on the inside.  It has been about 11 years now that is has been gone.

This was such a beautiful spot it really seemed a shame to get rid of the stump also.  I contemplated what to do and then one day a light bulb came on and I decided to make a fountain inside the hollowed out portion of the trunk.
A trip to Lowes and a flower pot with no holes in the bottom was purchased and it fit just perfectly!  Water and a fountain pump were added to the pot.  I used a length of rubber hose and pushed it through the bottom of the pitcher pump out the spout.  The other end of the hose was attached to the fountain pump and placed in the water.  Make sure when you purchase your hose, that you measure the depth of the vessel you are using plus the pitcher pump from the bottom and to the end of the spout.  Also, make sure when the fountain pump is purchased the rubber hose will fit snugly over the outlet valve of the pump.  I purchased extra hose, (just in case.) This is what my

fountain pump looks like.

Pond Boss PF140 Fountain PumpThis is from Lowes (not being re-imbursed)  Here is the link.  Hope this helps!

Feed the hose from the bottom of the pitcher pump through to 

the end of the spout. Attach the other end to the pump. If it is 

too long, simply cut off whatever length is not needed. Make 

sure the tubing is not kinked when it is draped over the top of 

the flower pot and that the pitcher pump does not sit on the 


The top of the stump is quite large.  There was room for two more flower pots.   I have enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and the trickling water for a long time now.  This year it seems to be even more beautiful.

The flower cart was gifted to me by one of our sons.  It also is very old and still a great place to grow flowers.

 With age, the pitcher pump has a great patina.  I just love to hear the trickle of water that comes from it.

The roses are once again blooming!  What a majestic sight!
I love things that can be re-invented for another purpose.  Such is the case with this wagon.  When I first purchased it was red, but over the years it also has a great patina.

The vintage metal picnic basket came home with me from Florida.  I have some plans for the old chair, which holds the marigolds and impatiens.  

I believe this metal tub used to be a feeder for the cattle. 

Trust you will enjoy the beauty of your day and your surroundings!  What have you repurposed?
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