Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seagrass Thrift store chair re-do

This is the second Habitat Re-store find that truly was worth the purchase.  The chair above is the result of the make-over. 
Seagrass Wingback Armchair, Havana Dark

The above chair is very similar to the pottery barn chair above.  The chair is quite sturdy with wood legs.  The seagrass was in fairly good shape.  There were a few areas that the finish was gone and the braiding around the underside of the arm was pulled loose.  It was not a hard decision to paint the chair.  A Behr ultra paint for outdoor use was used.  It has the primer in the paint.  It covered well and dried to a very hard finish.  A shorty brush helped to get the paint into the crevices.  

It will be used primarily on the lanai so a waterproof finish is a must.  
I had purchased this piece of fabric last summer with a 75% off sticker!  I love the pattern and the great pop of color it provides.  The fabric is for outdoor use with a great waterproof finish.  

It is the perfect spot for my morning coffee!  I love my new mug from a recent mug exchange!  More about this very soon!
The cushions and pillows were fun to cover and make.  Loving these happy colors!  Have a wonderful day.
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