Sunday, August 30, 2015

Something Old, Something New, & Making Do!

Vinegar has I suppose a gazillion uses.  I have found that sitting a small glass bowl in the dishwasher and placing about 1/4 cup of vinegar in it really helps to take the spots off of my  glass dishes.  Talking about dish washing is not exactly a fun subject, but being the resident artist of my home I wanted to make doing dishes beautiful and fun.  Keeping them "spotless" was my goal.  I started looking through my stash of stuff to see what I could find to keep a small amount of vinegar on my cabinet top close to the dishwasher.  Much to my surprise I found this vinegar and oil decanter set.  They stand a proud 6 inches tall and the little vinegar jar holds enough to do a few loads of dishes in the dishwasher.  I simply pour the amount in the little bowl add my dish wash detergent and start it.

You will notice in the pictures my flour containers.  Nothing special except they are heavy glass.  What does make them unique, pretty, and bright is the red apple measuring cup that I found.  It adds such a pretty bright touch to the jar.  Sitting atop the other canister is a vintage sifter.  It job is to just sit there until it is needed.  Sifting flour can certainly make your cakes lighter.  

To the far left is my old Vinegar bottle turned Homemade Vanilla.   You can find my Vanilla Tutorial here,  I love the smell of the Vanilla and the color is such a rich dark brown! 

On one of my thrifting shopping trips I found this glass cutting board for 99 cents!  I love it with its garden scene.  
Making do with what is in my hand is a real joy!  

As you can probably sense, it has been a great joy and peace for me to be able to "be home."  Someone asked me the other day if I missed work?  My answer was an emphatic "NO WAY!"  
My heart has been at home for many years, but life circumstances created a necessity to work. 

I loved nursing and always gave it my all, but at this stage in my life feel very blessed to simply "be home."  

Have I been able to find enough to fill my days?  You bet!  Everywhere I look there are projects to be done!  Enough I am sure for the rest of my lifetime!  I truly love being the manager and resident artist of our home! 

 I truly do understand what it means to be in the workplace and try to care for all of the other obligations a wife and mother have.  It is NOT easy!  Juggling all the tasks is very difficult!  I am truly blessed and thankful to "be Home!" after many many years in the workplace.  My words of wisdom on this matter is if you find it a necessity to work away from your home, be as frugal and save as much as you can and make do with whatever you can!  Life passes so very quickly!  It is a real blessing to see so many blogs devoted to the home and the love of home.  There is a lot of good information out there on how to manage our homes.  
Blessings this day! 
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