Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Sister-My Friend, People who have inspired Me!

I have been featuring someone weekly who has inspired and impacted my life.  Probably no one has done this more so than my sister Helen. We were born to parents who certainly did NOT have us in the prime of their lives.  Our dad was 45 when I was born and 48 when Helen was born.  Our mother was 8 years younger than our dad.  We probably put a few more gray hairs on both of their heads is my guess!  
Having grown up on the farm our parents taught us well how to live.  They taught us what really was important in this life and most important the life to come.  They showed us how we could have eternal life and they were living examples of that faith!  

My sister is truly my friend.  She has always accepted me for who I am.  She has had rough times in her life, but she has never lost that sweet smile.  

Did we have our moments growing up, oh sure we did!  Kids will be kids but we never lost our love and concern for one another.   

Helen always has an encouraging word to say.  I don't believe in my entire life I have ever heard her complain!  Helen and her husband recently had a flood in their home which devastated it.  With her determination and sweet spirit, she carried them through this rough time.  She is a very strong person.  
Helen has a strong faith in the Lord and with His help they were able to locate to a new home.  

She expressed to me that she has learned one thing through this experience that material things really do not matter very much in this life.  Helen states she is simplifying the "things" of this life.  I am so thankful that during that time they were kept safe and now can enjoy the beauty of their new home.  

One of the things that did survive was a piece of pottery.  Helen told me it came from her mother-in-law.  This is certainly a great piece of heritage and a reminder of God's faithfulness to us.  

I am so thankful for my sister and the sweet spirit that she has.  You inspire me Helen!  I love you-always have!  Your big sis...

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