Monday, September 26, 2016

A Family Affair~Beautiful September Wedding

It was a beautiful idyllic setting for this wedding. We drove down a long tree-lined lane to the wedding site. The grassy hills were still a beautiful dark green.  The trees were just starting to turn a greenish golden brown.  Most importantly family and friends from both the bride and the groom met together to celebrate a new married life.  The setting was dusk and the bride and the colors were beautiful!
The stage was set under a deep azure blue sky and an old oak tree.

A small lake was directly behind the old oak tree.

A large flower-covered arch greeted guests as they meandered down the grassy path.

The reception was held in a large white tent.  The tablescape was so pretty.

The colors of blush, gold, and creamy white lined the tables.  
A beautiful 91-year-old Grandmother and Great-grandmother made the trip to give her blessing.  She truly is an inspiration to me!  She continues to live independently and graciously!

Even this Grammy was able to enjoy the beautiful ceremony with family!

Wonderful wishes for a long and happy marriage to this lovely couple!

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