Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Hidden Fence and A Hiding Place

It is just a little corner spot between our yard and pasture ground.  A little hiding place to enjoy the beauty of the fading leaves and remember the bounty of this summer and fall.  This one small section of fence was never taken down.  It does not keep anything in or out.  Deer graze close by but easily hurdle the fence if they so choose.  It is just a bit of a hiding place.  It can't be seen from the road or even our home.  It is a wonderful place to sit and read or just see what little creatures might come by.  

It is certainly not a good fence and it is not worth much, but still somehow it seems majestic.  It has weathered the storms of time.  These posts have been in the ground for many generations and still they trudge on.  

Just like the shadow of the camera on the fence post, these shadowy trees and leaves leave their mark on the fence.  They weave their branches in the fence line and try their best to bring it down, but it remains sturdy and steady do to that strong corner post. 

I think there are some lessons here.  Am I anchored?  Do I remain sturdy and steady when the winds and trees of life try to bring me down? 


It seemed fitting to gather some color for this little corner.  There are no flowers blooming in this little spot.  The chippy red vintage chair looks quite at home here.  It also has weathered the storms of years past but still hangs on to that beautiful red patina.  The vintage glass canning jar with the lid belonged to my mother.  I have plans for this jar so stay tuned!

The plaid shirt belongs to my hubby.  He has been my rock for almost 50 years.  We have weathered many storms in this life but our Lord has been faithful to us and has been our anchor.

I have been so thankful for the wonderful bounty we have had this summer and fall.  We don't have an orchard, but I do have apples!  

Just over the fence, it is a pretty steep incline downward.

It is amazing what color can do for a space inside or out!  I may have to plan a little secret garden in this spot next summer!

Trust you have enjoyed the hidden fence and my little hiding place!  Have a wonderful day!

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